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Introducing Smart Portals

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Engage with your audience

Documentation with Ease 

Right from the start, you'll have access to a suite of tools and features designed to swiftly launch your portal, ensuring both you and your audience can easily navigate and access the necessary information.

  • Search
  • Localisation
  • Roadmaps/Workflows
  • Code Snippets
  • Feedback Manager
  • Editor Notes
  • API Documentation
search features RoadMaps/Workflows Editor Notes Feedback Manager Code Snippets

webcore provides

Unlimited Customisation Possibilities

With Webcore as your partner and our Smart Portal solutions, you can effortlessly establish and manage your company's online presence. We offer all the necessary tools to support your knowledge base, technical documentation, and product roadmap repository. Engage seamlessly with your audience and provide easy access to information online.

  • Technical Documentation

    Welcome to the forefront of technical excellence with our comprehensive documentation toolkit. Engineered for precision and innovation, our suite empowers you to craft detailed technical documentation with ease. Seamlessly capture the intricacies of your product or application using dynamic templates, robust editing tools, and intuitive workflows. From architecture diagrams to code samples, our toolkit ensures every detail is meticulously documented or clarity and comprehension. Elevate your brand, streamline communication, and inspire confidence with documentation that sets the standard for excellence.

  • User Guides

    Enter a realm of seamless guidance with our groundbreaking toolkit for building user guides. Crafted with precision and innovation, our suite equips you with everything needed to create user-friendly guides that captivate and instruct. From intuitive templates to customisable layouts, effortlessly capture the essence of your product or service. Enhance user experiences, drive engagement, and foster loyalty with guides that elevate comprehension and ease of use. Empower your audience, amplify your brand, and lead with confidence using our comprehensive user guide creation suite.

  • Training Manuals

    Embark on a journey of empowerment with our cutting-edge toolkit designed to craft exceptional training manuals. From dynamic templates to interactive modules, our tools revolutionize the way you build manuals, ensuring clarity, engagement, and effectiveness at every turn. Seamlessly integrate multimedia elements, customise content, and streamline collaboration to create training materials that inspire excellence. Elevate your training initiatives, boost productivity, and drive results with our comprehensive toolkit – the cornerstone of your path to success.

  • Release Notes

    Introducing our cutting-edge toolkit tailored to streamline the creation of comprehensive release notes. Designed with precision and innovation, our suite empowers your team to deliver transparent and informative updates with ease. From dynamic templates to customisable layouts, effortlessly capture the essence of each release, highlighting key enhancements and fixes. Drive engagement, build trust, and foster loyalty with release notes that keep your users informed and excited about every update.

Code Snippets Code Snippets Code Snippets Code Snippets
  • Roadmaps

    Embark on a journey of innovation and success with our Product Manager Roadmap Solution. Crafted with the needs of modern product managers in mind, our platform empowers you to chart a clear path towards product excellence. Seamlessly visualise your product's journey from conception to launch, leveraging intuitive tools and dynamic features to streamline planning and execution.

  • Strategy Planning

    In the dynamic landscape of product management, effective strategy planning is paramount to success. Enter webcore CMX: the all-encompassing platform tailored to elevate your product planning endeavors. Designed with the discerning product manager in mind, webcore CMX offers a suite of robust features meticulously crafted to streamline every aspect of strategy planning.

  • Milestone Planning

    With webcore CMX, product managers gain access to a suite of powerful features meticulously crafted to streamline milestone planning and drive success. From intuitive milestone creation to seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams, our platform empowers product managers to navigate the product development journey with unparalleled efficiency.

  • Training Manuals

    Empower your team with webcore CMX, the ultimate solution for crafting engaging and effective training manuals. Designed with the modern workplace in mind, our platform simplifies the manual creation process, allowing you to deliver high-quality training materials with ease.

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  • Support Service Desk

    With webcore CMX, support teams can efficiently manage customer inquiries, incidents, and service requests from a single, centralised platform. Our intuitive ticket management system allows support agents to prioritize, assign, and track tickets with ease, ensuring timely resolution and efficient workflow management.

  • FAQs

    With webcore CMX, creating and maintaining FAQs is a breeze. Our intuitive interface allows you to quickly and easily add, edit, and organise FAQ content, ensuring that your information is always up-to-date and relevant. Whether you're addressing common customer inquiries, providing troubleshooting tips, or sharing product information, webcore CMX helps you create FAQs that effectively address your users' needs.

  • Onboarding Guides

    With webcore CMX, creating onboarding guides has never been easier. Our intuitive interface allows you to quickly and easily design visually stunning guides that walk users through every step of the onboarding process. From welcome messages to interactive tutorials, you can customise your guides to meet the unique needs of your audience and ensure a seamless transition to your product or service.

  • Technical Documentation

    But webcore CMX is more than just a documentation creation tool. Our platform offers powerful search functionality, allowing support agents to quickly find the information they need to assist customers, reducing resolution times and improving efficiency. Plus, with customisable templates and branding options, you can ensure that your documentation seamlessly integrates with your brand and provides a cohesive user experience.

Code Snippets Code Snippets Code Snippets Code Snippets
  • API Documentation

    With webcore CMX, creating API documentation has never been easier. Our intuitive interface allows developers to quickly and easily access comprehensive documentation for your APIs, ensuring they have the information they need to integrate with your platform quickly and effectively. Whether you're documenting endpoints, authentication methods, or response formats, webcore CMX helps you create documentation that empowers developers to build amazing applications with your APIs.

  • Developer Toolkit

    With webcore CMX, developers gain access to a wealth of resources to help them understand and integrate with your APIs seamlessly. Our intuitive documentation editor allows developers to quickly author and edit API documentation, ensuring that it is always up-to-date and accurate. Whether documenting endpoints, authentication methods, or response formats, webcore CMX provides developers with the information they need to build amazing applications with your APIs.

  • JSON/XML Snippets

    With webcore CMX, developers can easily access XML/JSON snippets, ensuring consistency and accuracy across projects. Our intuitive snippet editor allows developers to quickly author and edit snippets, with syntax highlighting and validation to catch errors early and ensure compliance with standards.

  • API Flows

    With webcore CMX, developers can easily access API flows, ensuring clarity and consistency across projects. Our intuitive flow component allows developers to map out the sequence of API calls, define dependencies, and visualise data transformations, providing a clear understanding of how APIs interact with each other and with external systems.

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Revolutionise Your Support Operations

Elevate your service desk capabilities with our Service Desk Add-on. Enjoy a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline ticket management and support operations. Seamlessly integrated with ServiceNow, our solution ensures a smooth transition and optimal efficiency for your team, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers.

With our Service Desk Add-on, you can:

  • Easily create, assign, and prioritise tickets
  • Streamline communication with customers and internal teams
  • Gain real-time insights into ticket status and performance
  • Automate repetitive tasks to improve productivity
  • Leverage ServiceNow's powerful platform for seamless integration

Empower your support team with the tools they need to excel. Experience the difference with our Service Desk Add-on today!

All plans include a 30-day free trial

Jumpstart your journey with our 30-day free trial! Simply enter your sitename and choose your preferred subscription tier. Next, explore our array of industry-standard templates to swiftly launch your portal. Need assistance? Our team is dedicated to helping you craft and personalise your site every step of the way.  

Business ONE

Our Business One package allows you to get online fast.

  • Publish up to 25 Pages
  • Edit and Create up to 150 Pages
  • Version Control
  • 1 Editors
  • 2GB Content
  • Snippets Manager
  • User Manager
  • Additional Editors £20pm

Business PRO

Our Business Pro package allows you to get online fast.

  • Publish up to 500 Pages
  • Edit and Create up to 700 Pages
  • Version Control
  •  5 Editors
  • 5GB Content
  • Snippets Manager
  • Navigation Manager
  • Site Search
  • User Manager
  • Additional Editors £20pm

Enterprise Cloud

Our Enterprise Cloud package  offers full access to all tools & features.

  •  Unlimited Pages
  • Edit and Create Pages
  • Version Control
  •  10 Editors
  •  100GB Content
  • Snippets Manager
  • Navigation Manager
  •  Data Fragments & Components
  • Site Search Customisation
  • Component Editor
  •  Dedicated Site and Database
  • Additional Editors £10pm

Enterprise Server

Hosted on your own Dedicated Server our Enterprise Server provides you with all the features our software provides plus the ability to host additional Sites and share common content between your sites.  Localisation and Region targeted content.

  • Publish Unlimited Pages
  • Edit and Create Unlimited Pages
  • Version Control
  • 250gb Content
  • Snippets Manager
  • Navigation Manager
  •  Additonal Sites
  • Data Fragments & Components
  • Common Data Fragment Sharing

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Explore our client success stories to delve deeper into project details and learn how our tools and expertise have facilitated seamless and successful delivery of our Smart Portals.

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